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Wood wall art Part I, Masks

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Wood is one of the common material for wall art. Masks, wood plates, statues, a nice wooden frame to go with your painting.

african maskMasks: The most common ones are African tribal masks. Long oval shape with painted faces. The African masks are pretty easy to find online or in craft stores across the US. The once unique and striking masks are too common to impress anyone nowadays. A more exotic choice would be Nuo Masks from China. Deep in the rare traveled paths of Southwest China, Guizhou province, a few villages still preserves their culture dating back over a thousand years ago. They still perform China’s oldest shamanic ritual dance, the Nuo Dance. The Mask is the soul of Nuo Drama. The wooden mask also has religious implications; as the symbol and medium of a spirit, masks are governed by strict rules.

The ancient style masks are carved with one piece of wood, only has a protective layer of paint to protect the mask. You can still see the wood texture. The Di drama (a newer branch of the nuo drama as you saw in the video) ,dating back to Ming Dynasty (1300 AD), performs using very brightly painted masks.

Nuo Mask Home guardian Wood Mask Shigandang

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Wall Art

Author: wall decorator | Filed under: wall art Thursday Nov 22,2007

wood wall artSince the ancient times, cavemen started painting on their cave walls, wall art has become an important part of the home decoration. Wall art now comes in different material, size, shape, and forms. Here at wall art r us, we want to explore and find the best wall art (affordable too) to fit in your home. In the next a couple of days, we will show you wall paintings, wood wall art plates, and all kinds of decorative art for your wall.